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A number of people are disillusioned by politics and by the state of democracy, in the Czech Republic or their respective countries, in Europe, or in the world. At the same time, a significant part of population leans towards radical and extremist movements. Entire Europe experiences a growth in the popularity of the movements determined to counter traditional European liberalism or even democratic values. Elections attract fewer and fewer people; economic problems of Europe undermine legitimacy of democratic governance. Globalization ties the hands of governments. Furthermore, beyond the borders of Europe the states which are closer to authoritarianism and totalitarianism than democracy are gaining strength. Many people are impressed by their empowerment and their ostensibly manifested strength.

Is democracy, on global scale at the least, in retreat? And how deeply is it rooted in European societies? May the atrocities of the mid-20th century re-occur? After 25 years of development, do Eastern European countries satisfy the criteria of democracy? If yes, will it remain so in the future? Is freedom or economic prosperity valued more? What will democracy look like in increasingly globalized world? What role will social networks play for democracy? Does it make sense at all to attend elections? Does it make sense to defend human and civic rights?

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