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…and many other topics

Cyberspace security, right-wing radicalism, piracy, federalization and decentralization of governance, Euroasian union, organized crime, food security, development of international trade, Church restitution, availability of medicine in developing countries and defence of the rights of intellectual property, proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction, corruption and collapse of states, availability of drinking water, sports policy, children-soldiers, position of the president in the constitutional system of the Czech Republic, role and legitimacy of national parliaments in the European Union, information war, Tibet, the catholic church in international politics, regulation of internet and ACTA, energy security, regulation of lobbying, the Arabic spring and its implications,…

If you are interested in how the world works and wish to influence how it will work in the future, study politics.

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  • Applications open: November 2019

  • Applications for Czech Bachelor and Master study programmes: April 2020

  • Applications for Master study programmes in English:

    The applications deadline for the academic year 2020/2021 has now been extended!

    Early-bird term for the application: 30. 06. 2020

    The early-bird term is strongly recommended for visa-seeking students. Please be aware that it is the student's responsibility to obtain a visa before enrolling in the program.

    Application submission deadline: 31. 08. 2020 

  • Applications for Doctoral programmes: April 2020

  • Admission proceedings: summer 2020

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