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Study politics at the IPS

It is possible to study two Bachelor and seven Master study programmes at the Institute of Political Studies, covering a wide spectre of political issues. A Bachelor level offers two Czech three-year programmes in Political Science and International Relations and in Political Science and Public Policy. At a Master level, two-year Czech programmes are offered – Security Studies [Bezpečnostní studia], International Relations [Mezinárodní vztahy] and Political Science [Politologie], as well as two-year programmes in English - Master in International Relations, Master in International Security Studies, Geopolitical Studies, and International Economic and Political Studies. Furthermore, the Institute offers the studies in doctoral specializations Political Science and International Relations both in Czech and English language.

No matter what study programme you choose, you will always encounter the same philosophy of work with students. Our approach to students stems from what knowledge, skills and behaviour we expect from our graduates. Accordingly, we focus our efforts on the following five areas we regard as crucial for our alumni success - in their professional life as well as for their long-term personal and social development:

  • Development of analytical skills and logical thinking. The study requires an ability of abstract and analytical thinking, as it is this ability that gives our alumni's work high added value.

  • Solid factual knowledge of studied issues. Wikipedia offers a great deal; however, the hardest thing is to know enough to be able to determine what one is exactly looking for.

  • Development of an ability of critical reflection. The core of successful integration into a social and economic life is an ability to think independently and critically. We are trying to help our students learn to discard established stereotypes and black and white worldviews and to perceive the problems in new light.

  • Training and reinforcement of transferable skills. Language skills, communication and presentation skills, ability to collect and process information, but also efficient work with information technologies form the basis of success in any employment which the IPS alumni will seek.

  • Personal, professional and academic integrity. We invest a lot of time and energy to make sure such issues as plagiarism do not concern our students, on the side of prevention (explaining) as well as on the side of repression (severe penalty for wrong-doings). Our students are amidst those who had to demonstrate their abilities and a large dose of strong will to get their titles.

We firmly believe that are students are successful in their careers due to our emphasis placed on such areas of education. We want our alumni to hold not only good jobs upon their studies, but great jobs in which they may excel.

We also believe that experience from abroad acquired during their study stays within the Erasmus programme or any other inter-university agreements contributes to such possibilities. Almost every student, when interested, can spend a part of his/her studies abroad. Within the Erasmus+ programme the Institute has concluded more than 40 inter-universities agreements. Moreover, within the Erasmus programme our students may undertake studies abroad at the places provided by other institutes or the Faculty as a whole. Besides the Erasmus programme, the Faculty and University have concluded many other inter-university agreements literally throughout the world.

Besides studies abroad, our students acquire experience through the programme of internships which we organize and prepare for them in cooperation with our partners. Our Bachelor and Master students could undertake their internships in many organizations, such as: AgeCom, Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Journal Přítomnost, European Development Agency, Ivy Street, the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Mladá Fronta DNES, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. Besides these lasting partners our students routinely undertake internships in many other organizations – public as well as local administration, enterprises, non-profit sector, media and think-tanks, or research institutions.

The Institute also runs interesting and innovative classwork projects. Since 2015, for instance, the so-called Crisis Games take place every Spring. The course consists in a simulation of an acute international crisis, with a weekend summit of the "negotiators" in Krkonoše mountains. The quality of classwork is a priority for us, as proven by ability and willingness of our teachers to prepare such projects.

All the above mentioned benefits are furthermore underlined by the fact that you will work with an excellent team of teachers and administrative staff at the IPS. The Institute consists of about 30 internal academic staff and about 40 internal doctoral students, creating an almost family-like atmosphere. At the same time, the staff and the doctoral students cover a very wide spectre of issues of domestic, European as well as international politics with their expertise.

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Important dates


  • Applications open: November 2019

  • Applications for Czech Bachelor and Master study programmes: April 2020

  • Applications for Master study programmes in English:

    The applications deadline for the academic year 2020/2021 has now been extended!

    Early-bird term for the application: 30. 06. 2020

    The early-bird term is strongly recommended for visa-seeking students. Please be aware that it is the student's responsibility to obtain a visa before enrolling in the program.

    Application submission deadline: 31. 08. 2020 

  • Applications for Doctoral programmes: April 2020

  • Admission proceedings: summer 2020

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