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The IPS from the inside

Naturally, classwork represents the core of the IPS activities. However, the Institute also centres on scientific-research activities, where its staff reach exceptional results. Each year we scrutinize how the IPS staff succeed in publishing the results of their researches in prestigious international journals of political science (most recently for example European Union Politics, Security Dialog, Journal of European Public Polity, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, and others) or publishing houses (such as Palgrave, Routledge). This may be regarded as huge success, considering relatively short (post-revolutionary) history of political research in the Czech Republic.

For the sake of illustration, just a few recent prestigious international publications of the IPS staff …

Owing to scientific and publishing successes of its staff the Institute has been honoured to hold in 2016 the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, the biggest political conference in Europe, hosting more than 2,000 leading European political scientists.

Organizationally, the Institute consists of the Department of Political Science, the Department of International Relations, and the Department of Security Studies (for further information, go to the section About the Institute on the Institute website). The Institute is seated in the building of Charles University in Prague 5 – Jinonice.

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