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Political Science Club

The Political Science Club embodies a student’s self-government representing students at the Institute of Political Studies at the FSV UK. It aims to enhance students' interest in political science and international relations and current political issues. Alongside, it is a natural and pleasant goal of the Club to support social life at the Institute (which by all accounts the Club does rather well).

The Political Science Club regularly holds various seminars for students and debates with interesting guests. These enlarge students' possibilities of active life outside the classes. A natural part of Club's activities consists in organizing many students' events which facilitate the bonding of students across the years of study. Moreover, the Club becomes involved in inter-club cooperation, sports activities, or holding of students' off-site meetings.

We warmly recommend that you visit Twitter, Facebook and Youtube canal of the Political Science Club. You will find plenty of other information and interesting things there.

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Important dates


  • Applications open: November 2019

  • Applications for Czech Bachelor and Master study programmes: April 2020

  • Applications for Master study programmes in English:

    The applications deadline for the academic year 2020/2021 has now been extended!

    Early-bird term for the application: 30. 06. 2020

    The early-bird term is strongly recommended for visa-seeking students. Please be aware that it is the student's responsibility to obtain a visa before enrolling in the program.

    Application submission deadline: 31. 08. 2020 

  • Applications for Doctoral programmes: April 2020

  • Admission proceedings: summer 2020

For ore information check the website of Faculty of Social Sciences


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